The GaitSmart virtual gym (vGym)

The virtual gym (vGym) is an optional module in the GaitSmart software suite.
This brand-new extension has been developed as part of a Digital Health project combining musculoskeletal modelling, machine learning and the patient-specific gait-data to provide an optimal set of exercises for rehabilitation. We have used musculoskeletal modelling software to develop a database of muscle-activation patterns for typical rehabilitation exercises and a process of modelling patient mobility using our data. A propriety process incorporating machine learning is used to select exercises that target underactive muscles.

Data-driven personalised healthcare

Using vGym adds a list of recommended exercises to a patient's report that are optimised to improve gait scores that are poor or marginal.
This makes vGym a valuable tool for physiotherapists and clinicians, and also allows subjects to receive the latest leading-edge informed and personalised treatment.

Solutions and Applications

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